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First blog entry, First game, First beta test

Anis Chandoul by Anis Chandoul in Sep 5, 2018
Android Card game

Well we finally made a website. SO here we hope to share all our stuff, not only games, but other stuff to you all!
At the moment, we are working on sevral projects:
The main project is puzzle word game, with some cute character, a nice story line and the plus would be it could help you to widen your volcabulairy, it will be first in english but french and other language will comme very soon.
Rigth now designing levels...really tedious job, thinking about the level layout, the level size, the puzzle, making sure it's not over complicated and not easy also.
Sound effects and music very challenging to find the right sounds.
The second project is an other word game but it will be pvp (Player vs player) compative with a lot of cool stuff a demo will be out soon
So this is the first blog entry, we will try to be consistent, maybe once a week give some updates about progress and any other projects going on.

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Karta TN Multiplayer Beta Test

Meanwhile we present to you our first game is Karta TN, a multiplayer card game of some well known "Tunisian" card game ! Completely free, you will be able to face players from all over the world, while playing your favorite Tunisian variation of Rummy, Scopa(Chkobba), Belote,... and more.
KartaTN is on Early access! This game is in beta and will be so for sometime (Dev team is only ONE person). This mean you will experience, bugs, unfinished features, problematic design decision, and many more other things that may disturb your game experience.
Our priority around launch is to solve stability and major technical issues with the multiplayer side of things, as we build our first major update, we really appreciate your patience and understanding as we ramp up.

Please share with us your feedback at [email protected]
Above all, please remember this game is not finished, and is a work in progress, Support us and help us to make it better.

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Witch Murder by Witch Murder in 20 September, 2018 Reply

This sounded nonsense to Alice, so she said nothing, but set off at once toward the Red Queen. To her surprise, she lost sight of her in a moment, and found herself walking in at the front-door again.

Hitman by Hitman in 20 September, 2018 Reply

To her surprise, she lost sight of her in a moment, and found herself walking in at the front-door again.

Wolfenstein by Wolfenstein in 21 September, 2018 Reply

The sight of the tumblers restored Bob Sawyer to a degree of equanimity which he had not possessed since his interview with his landlady. His face brightened up, and he began to feel quite convivial.

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